Good time in Bahamas

I had a pretty good time in the Bahamas

I ended up finishing 166/1529 (224 paid). Unfortuitously, the cards did not fall my way during the tournament and when I eventually had to coinflip I lost. I only played the key event, that has been surprising because there were so many great tournaments with this trip. I spent the remainder of my time relaxing outside, seeing the sites of the Bahamas, and being very lazy on the aptly named «Lazy River». Basically it’s a circular pool of water, available the Atlantis, with rapids and wavepools. After getting my fill of water and poker, I have made a decision to take a trip to Costa Rica before returning to LA.

Good time in Bahamas time Bahamas

Costa Rica is similar to my second home, Personally i think completely relaxed when I am there. Especially as of this little beach town called Jaco. My buddy and his gf are currently vacationing there, so it will be nice to go and see them before I head back to the west coast. I will also get to catch up with some good friends within the AP community, and of course, venture out and party.

That’s all for now, I’m off to catch my flight.

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