Vitamins for Poker Players?

If there is a very important factor I spend a little too much on, it would be vitamins

Crazy as it sounds, you should see how many I take each day. I also try my hardest to eat a balanced diet to make sure I get the most nutrients possible, but sometimes I don’t get to eat as well as I should. Traveling and eating out, makes it hard to eat healthy 100% of the time. Are you taking vitamins? If so great, but here is something you might not have thought about, vitamin D.

I’m sure you’re aware, as a poker player, that stress, sleep, and dietary needs are higher than your average person. What you might not know, is if you spend all your time indoors, you may need vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight. All those hours playing indoors may have made you money, but stripped you of nutrients. Try adding this into your daily routine and see a boost your body needs.

For peak performance, here are my suggestions:

Vitamins for Poker Players? boost your

Daily muti-vitamin

  • Vitamin C – will help fight against all the nasties you encounter playing at the tables
  • Omega-3 fatty acid – important for brain function (memory and performance) and prevention of depression
  • Vitamin D – explained above
  • Vitamin B – to boost your energy levels

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